sweets house Cha Cha Cream Puff (1pc)


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P1. Custard Cream Puff

  • Original puff dough with vanilla bean seeds custard filling

P2. Matcha Cream Puff

  • Original puff dough with Kyoto Uji matcha custard filling

P3. Rich Chocolate Cream Puff

  • Original puff dough with French chocolate custard filling

P4. Custard Cream Puff With Strawberry

  • Original puff dough with freshly strawberry, French whipping cream and vanilla bean seeds custard filling

P5. Matcha Cream Puff With Redbean

  • Original puff dough with Hokkaido Takachi red bean paste, French whipping cream and Uji matcha custard filling

P6. Custard Cream Puff With Baby Peach

  • Original puff dough with Japanese baby peach, French whipping cream and vanilla bean seeds custard filling

P7. Custard Cream Puff  With Mango

  • Original puff dough with mango, French whipping cream and vanilla bean seeds custard filling

P8. Custard Cream Puff  With Brown Sugar Jelly

  • Original puff dough with brown sugar jelly, French whipping cream, Japanese soy bean powder, rice ball and brown sugar custard filling

P9. Rich Chocolate Cream Puff with Blueberry

  • Original puff dough with blueberry and French chocolate custard filling

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